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Welcome to Robsen Robotics!

Engineering that combines robotics and machine vision, driven by artificial intelligence!

Robsen is a robotics company focused on metal shaping companies to support their processes. We understand customer requirements in detail and think about how we can contribute to their success. Our mission is to add value to our industrial partners’ processes with intelligent and technological solutions by providing world-class support.

Our Products

iRoCube has been developed by Robsen to meet requirements of metalworking companies to manage a wide variety of products cost-effectively and efficiently.

iRoCube plus Modular Series

Configure your robotics cell specialized to your requirements

iRoCube MF7 for Machining Centers

Flexible machine tending cell for vertical machining centers

iRoCube TF7/TF10 for Turning Lathes

Flexible machine tending cell for turning lathes

iRoPick Software

Powerful 2D / 3D Machine Vision software

The Intelligent Robotics Cube Series, the perfect solution for all your machine tending needs.

Our Solutions

End to End Solutions For The Metal Manufacturing Industry

Robotics Cells For Die-Casting

Die casting process is really competitive business sector in which you need to increase your machine productivity. Learn more about how Robsen supports your success?

Robotics Cells For Transfer Machines

Your machine is fast; what about your loading/unloading time? Learn more about how Robsen accelerates your cycle time?

Trimming Lines For Metal Parts​

The trimming of the high-production forged metal parts should be a consistent process. Learn more about how Robsen helps your forging line?

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