iRoCube plus Modular Series

Connect modules for intelligent production!

iRoCube Plus offers a wide range of modules, able to configure your robotics cell that meets your requirements. Through this, unlimited customized manufacturing solutions can be created.

We believe that tomorrow’s production needs the power of machine vision. In addition to further developments of our 2D machine vision solution, we proudly present 3D machine vision solution now added to our vision library. From now on, our robots have better eyes!

Unlimited possibilities

Plug and Play

Electrical assembly

Mechanical assembly

Ready software platform

Intelligent Robotics Cube Series

The iRoCube(Intelligent Robotics Cube) has been developed by Robsen to meet requirements of metalworking companies and enable them to manage a wide variety of products cost-effectively and efficiently. The success of the iRoCube is built on iRoPick that makes the system flexible and eliminates the need for hundreds of fixtures for each part – A key feature that enables the iRoCube system stand out from it’s competitors. 

Flexible machine tending for virtually unlimited range of parts

Highly accurate, robust, user friendly vision system

Compact six axis robot with a maximum payload of 7 kg

Part size up to 600 mm x 250 mm x 150 mm

Conveyors for loading & unloading

Key Features

Plug & Play

Pre-Assembled delivery, Installation in less than half a day

Easy Set-Up

Save time with robot simulation software


Short Return on Investment


Intelligent Vision System, No Fixture or Drawers Required 


Cell Footprint Less Than 3m2

iRoCube MF7 for Machining Centers

iRocube MF series are developed for Fanuc Robodrill Vertical Machining Center. There are two models that perfectly fit medium and large models. It is possible to use iRoCube MF models for other brands’ machines of similar sizes.

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iRoCube TF7/TF10 for Turning Lathe

iRocube TF series is an ideal machine tending solution for turning lathes. With 7 kg and 10 kg models, it is possible to serve different size machines.

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